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48 hour creations

Oberlin Summer Theater Festival – Reorganization and redesign using an existing logo for a professional theater company in Northeast Ohio.
Women Aren't Funny – Redesign and minor reorganizing for a feminist sketch comedy troupe in New York City (they picked the name; I think it's clever). – A semi-mysterious design for a semi-mysterious purpose...
Matrix Games Oberlin – site redesign for a small comic and game store that needed to highlight an upcoming event.
ARG: Government Office – quick design for use in a local alternate reality game. The emphasis here was on things like the logo, which added a sense of reality to the excursion.
ARG: Venture Capital Group – another design for another installment of the game, a clean, professional look that merged idealist philanthropic motives (the logo in the top left) with a punchier, capitalist motif (the project descriptions and color palette).